StonePeople Creations

Unique Shamanic handmade  Necklaces, Bracelets and Ankle-braces. With natural and undyed  gemstones and crystals, 925 Silver or 925/24k gold-plated silver.....

About Stone People Creations

In the shamanic world, rocks and crystals are known as The Stone People – the ancient ones, the keepers of Earth’s knowledge and strong allies for us in daily life and in our shamanic journeys. The Stone People came first in creation, before the Plant People and the Standing People (the trees), the Animals and the Humans.


PachaMama/ Mother Earth is made from Stone. She uses her elements of Air and Water to break down the stones into boulders and then soil; she uses the elements of Fire to push the stones high into the air, creating volcanoes, lava, and mountains..... 

At StonePeople Creations  every necklace, bracelet and ankle-brace is handmade, with pure undyed natural stones and crystals, sterling silver 925 or with 24k gold-plated sterling silver, and customized to its owner. So that they can harmonize and resonate into healing, meditation, and journeying. 

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