Energy Medicine I

We humans, are a complex composition which has evolved over millions of years into a cohesive operating system.  
We are energy and if something is wrong with us this usually indicates a blockage within our energy field, this can be within our physical system as in our luminous field. So, how can we, as a system, become and stay immune against physical and mental disease? How can we create a completely new physical and energetic system that not only is completely regenerated but also carries new cells consciously programmed with new information? We can do this by practising Energy Medicine.
Here at Chuen's retreat we are happy to share our wisdom teachings, knowledge and experiences via training and coaching programs that can be followed during your stay at our retreat. 

Energy Medicine II

There are many different ways for living and maintaining a healthy and blissful life. Here at Chuen's Integral Centre, we live a healthy life by living in harmony with mother earth, by sharing with each other, by practising QiGong, by living mindful and practice meditation, by applying energy medicine and healthy cell-renewing nutrition, by detoxing on a regular basis and by permanently inspiring our creative mind.

For more information you are welcome to visit the section about counselling, coaching, healing and training. 

Equine-soul-searching and retrieval

Horses have been with us for as long as we can remember....

Creative Therapy & Integrative Sensory Therapy

The true meaning of therapy is, that it is a treatment intended to relieve or heal an imbalance, a  disorder within the physical and energetic field.
Here at Chuen's integration centre we work with creative therapy and integrative sensory therapy to guide you back to your intrinsic abilities for self-healing.
Creative therapy  is the physically active form that enables the brain to rewire (neuroplasticity). Here you will discover the healing  power of 7 dimensional stories.... whether they've been written, painted, sang, danced, told or played out.
We also offer an Integrative Sensory Experience where you can reconnect with fragmented and even lost parts of yourself through  customized sensory stimulation.
Within this enchanted space you will travel safely in a world through smell, touch, light and sound that unconditionally welcomes and embraces you. After this experience you will feel revitalized, and you will find that your focus is fully restored. 

Hummingbird's dream....  

Come share the magical experience of Pachamama's splendour in one of our yurts. 
Hummingbird's dream is really a safe haven for all. Whether you want to meditate, come for a healing session, practice QiGong, enjoy the silence, learn about bio-diverse gardening, stimulate your taste buds, do some equine-soul-searching or express your creativity, the possibilities are endless.... And only a call, a postcard or a click away. 

Since this retreat has no profit motive we only ask a small contribution in order to feed the mouths and maintain the lands that realize this abundance.   

If you have a special talent or something beautiful to share, you can also use this as a means of payment. Possibilities are endless....  

Every support is greatly appreciated. Please also feel free to donate in case that you're willing to