About me...


Thank you for visiting my website and reading this short addition to my profile. 

My name is Gavin, born in the city of Breda -Netherlands 13-07-1973, I’m a solo parent of 2 amazing kids. One has left “the nest”. The one that’s still at home has autism and a mental impairment and because of that isn’t capable of a fully independent life. But with help of private care she is able to live a full and happy life.  Both of them have radiant souls, are huge music, art and nature lovers. We love spending our time outdoors with our horses and with our  cats. 


I currently work as an Educationalist for a healthcare organisation in Rotterdam - Netherlands (Humanitas). Where I develop holostic/integrative learning and coaching programs for people who work in Psychogeriatric care facilities, Medical care facilities, and Social Welfare and Community centres.  My main focus lies in Environmental psychology, Positive/Integrative psychology, and Neuroscience. Within this organisation I advise and also teach, train and coach.  


My educational background: I studied Regular nursing, Psychiatric nursing, Clinical psychology, and Philosophy. Later I specialized in Autism, Integrative psychology, Counselling and Coaching, Equine assisted therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and the list goes on. For over 30 years I had the honour to work within these fields with amazing people of all ages. From the very young till the very old. 


Outside my 36 hour job I run my own coaching, counselling and advise practise. Focused on neuro-mechanical-coaching, environmental psychology,  and multisensory integration.


About the name of my practice

- Chuen - 

Because of my fascination and ongoing selfstudies about ancient civilizations, myths and sagas, I came across  the Popul Vuh  and from then on started reading about Mesoamerican cultures and history. This is how the ancient Mayan civilization came on my path. 

The Maya knew a number of mathematically highly complex, but very accurate calendars and counts going back more than ten thousand years where their last count ended in the year 2012. The Maya knew an economical calendar, an agricultural calendar and an astrological one, also known as the Tzolkin. Every day in the Tzolkin had a galactic day sign, a Kin. Chuen is one of the names of those day signs/Kins. 

A Kin existed so that each individual could experience and propagate their essential potential. This way a person was able to achieve their full potential within the community and to lead a full, conscious, healthy, and happy life. With this specific kin, or quality, you contributed to the community, in harmony with nature - mother earth (Pachamama). 

According to the calculations of the Tzolkin calendar and astrology, Chuen is my personal kin/day sign. 

The intrinsic and natural qualities of Chuen, also known as Blue Resonant Monkey, are: The magical, playful, and curious child. Chuen also stands for Co-creation and creativity, for being a guide and a gate opener to changes / transformations, higher vibrations, and new dimensions. Because these personal qualities carry with them integral wisdoms and natural laws, I have chosen Chuen as an appropriate name for this enterprise. 


With Chuen's qualities I provide counselling, coaching, and training in a holistic/integral non-linear manner. Where the interaction focuses on co-creation. 


The main focus lies on collaboration and coexistence with humans, animals, and plants.